The Turn | Maria McKinney

The Turn, an exhibition by Maria McKinney, ran parallel with an exhibition of works from the Boyle Civic Art Collection.

Maria’s work considers the complexities that structure our everyday environment. Selecting things that already exist in the world for purposes of distraction, consumption or insulation, she configures a process of manipulation in response to their form and habitual purpose.

King House is located in Boyle, Co. Roscommon and is currently home to The Boyle Civic Art Collection, The Connaught Rangers and the King Family museums. Maria McKinney was commissioned to produce a number of small works that are placed within the existing exhibits throughout the museum along with a more traditional display of her work that will be presented in the Long Gallery.

Some form of spiral can be detected as an underlying structural element through many of her previous works. For the rooms of King House, the unfurl of this turning shape is brought to the surface and attentively explored as the source of many natural processes.


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